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Abstract: To build and develop higher education, each University has its own strategy. Within the framework of this report, we would like to present four strategies to standardize training and scientific research. In which, the strategy of internationalization of education is the most important strategy to create an environment to nurture and develop creative ideas in teaching, learning, research and scientific publication of Quang Trung University.


Keyword: Higher education; The strategy of internationalization of education; The sufficient knowledge and professional working skills; The dream of studying abroad of Vietnamese youth.


I. Introduction

In the era of opening up and integration, having international relationships in education and training is an urgent need to build and develop universities. International relations help us to have a diverse training program with modern content, etc. There is a lot of information about scientific progress, development orientation and global labor market needs. Information received from international cooperation relationships helps universities to calculate and adjust their higher education systems, from facilities, experts to working capital.


II. Strategies to build and develop the University

Training students and equipping them with sufficient knowledge and professional working skills so that they can grab best job opportunities after graduation is considered top priority of Quang Trung University. By taking practical actions and steps-by-steps, Quang Trung University has gradually affirmed our training reputation through four clear development strategies after the initial restructuring period.


2.1 Strategy 1: Good facilities, adequate and suitable laboratories

To build many workshops and places for internship and practice with advanced and modern technologies. Specifically, the University approved to build many modern laboratories meeting international standards such as the Nursing Practice Room, Microbiology Laboratory, Tissue Culture Room, Mushroom Production Room, etc. The experimental systems of net houses have been completed and put into operation for months up to now. These are places designed for staffs and lecturers of the University to organize scientific researches, and for students to practice. At the same time, the University has sufficient facilities to carry out the life skills education, after-school education for general students according to Circular 04 / Ministry of Education and Training as well as the basis for receiving public advanced technology at home and abroad when given the opportunity.


The experimental greenhouse of Quang Trung University is over 1000 square meters.

2.2 Strategy 2: The quality of training meets the needs of the Society

Invite the Top and leading professors and experts in respective industries to participate in management and teaching. We’re well awared that human is a prerequisite for improving the quality of training at Quang Trung University, the University has invited many professors, associate professors, doctors, leading experts at home country and abroad to participate in management and teaching at faculties, institutes and centers of Quang Trung University.


2.3 Strategy 3: Useful and Quality Scientific Research and Publication

Specifically, every year, QTU’s teachers have published 15-20 ISI articles (Q1 and Q2), and there are 15-20 other scientific research topics approved by the University’s Science and Training Council.


2.4 Strategy 4: Degree of Internationalization and Integration in a Higher Education

Being able to cooperate with many international educational organizations is an appropriate stepping stone to help the University redesign its professional structure, training contents, invite experts, exchange students and lecturers, exchange both academic and professional skills. academic and scientific publications in international journals.


III. International relations – an important strategy for building and devoloping Quang Trung University



3.1 The need for international cooperation in Higher Education

International relations will help universities have favorable conditions and opportunities for development. Therefore, we are ready to sign cooperation agreements with prestigious Universities in the world in many fields that are permitted by the Education Law of Vietnam.
Internationalization of education is the most important strategy to create an environment to nurture and develop creative ideas in teaching, learning, research, and scientific publication of Quang Trung University.


3.2 Preparations for International Cooperation in Higher Education

Quang Trung University considers foreign language as the key to success for students. Therefore, connecting lecturers and students of the University with international educational organizations is indispensable. Quang Trung University has also signed with Australian International TESOL to standardize English teachers with TESOL certification, signed with the British Council to review and organize IELTS, APTIS, CAMBRIDGE exams … The school also contacted US Embassy in Hanoi to recieve an English Teaching Assistant under the Fullbright program.


The signing ceremony of cooperation agreement with EDUGO International Education Joint Stock Company.

3.3 How to implement international cooperation in Higher Education

3.3.1 We have signed an agreement with LJMU of the UK on the Exchange of Programs and Training Content for each discipline, thereby building the most suitable Certificates for training.

3.3.2 Signing the exchange of final year students and graduates to strengthen cooperation between young people.

3.3.3 The university attaches great importance to the dream of studying abroad of Vietnamese youth in general, students in Binh Dinh province and neighboring provinces in the region in particular, so we have connected with a number of overseas schools, for example, signed an initial Memorandum of Understanding with Liverpool John Moores University about the joint-training program 4 + 0, 2 + 2, 3 + 1; The University is also going to establish an Overseas Study Counselling Office and contact a number of universities in Australia, Japan, USA,…

3.3.4 In international relations, the signing of jobs for graduates with high salaries is also the driving force behind the development of a Vietnamese university. Regarding this, we have signed job contracts for students of Nursing, Information Technology (IT), Biotechnology,… with partners in many countries, such as the Federal Republic of Germany, Canada, Japan, Australia.


IV. Conclusion:

The combination of learning-practicing and international integration, we expect to bring up Quang Trung University into a prestigious and highquality educational institution in the region. Quang Trung University is a place to make a difference, pioneer in the construction and application of new programs and models, in the integration and internationalization of training, meeting the needs of society and learner. flexibly serving learners, serving the community better and better. Quang Trung University will be the destination of domestic and international learners; a place to discover and nurture learners’ potential; where students’ dreams come true.…


Asso. Prof, PhD. NGUYEN DINH PHU – President of Quang Trung University



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